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From casual t shirts to more polished button down shirts, choose custom uniform shirts to best dress your employees for their workplace. Our restaurant uniforms feature styles that are constructed with stain-repellant and wrinkle-resistant fabrics so chefs, servers, bartenders and hosts will look clean and tidy for every shift. These and other hospitality industry uniforms provide a clean-cut appearance when employees are working with your customers. That’s why our hotel staff uniforms are perfect for front desk employees or housekeeping and maintenance staff, too.

Construction worker uniforms need to be tough and easy to move in. Our custom uniform pants, shirts and coats will stand up to the rigors of daily wear. These construction and transportation department uniforms will also keep your team members warm and cozy when they’re working outside every day. Your employees will be able to climb, stretch, kneel and reach with ease when you choose our heavy-weight and durable uniform shirts and pants.

There’s no better place to find skilled trade uniforms. Our custom uniform shirts include women’s t shirts, men’s t shirts and unisex sweatshirts – all perfect backdrops for your logo. You’ll also find custom uniform pants, shorts, scrubs and overalls so there is something for virtually any service profession. From medical assistants and mechanics to plumbers and sheet metal workers, you’ll find the perfect custom uniforms for your team members.

Whether you select our restaurant uniforms or transportation department uniforms, we’ll provide expert embroidery services to apply your logo. We’ll use innovative techniques to keep your logo from fraying or fading on our hospitality industry uniforms and skilled trade uniforms. From service industry uniforms, to construction worker uniforms, choose from over 300 thread colors to make your logo really pop. Regardless of industry, your team will boost your brand in our custom uniform shirts, pants and business logo jackets.

When you need casual restaurant uniforms, look no further than our high-performance t shirts, button down shirts and polo shirts. Our restaurant and other hospitality industry uniforms can be expertly embroidered with your logo for brand boosting in any workplace.

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  • Men's Slim Fit Solid No Iron Supima Oxford Dress Shirt Restaurant Industry Custom Restaurant Uniforms & Casual Restaurant Uniforms
    Men's Slim Fit Solid No Iron Supima Oxford Dress Shirt Restaurant Industry Restaurant Host Uniforms, Restaurant Server Uniforms & Chef Uniforms Only settle for the best restaurant uniforms like ours. We make these custom restaurant uniforms in comfortable designs that look sharp, shift after shift, so you can count on these casual restaurant uniforms for servers and cooks to hostesses and managers.

    You’ll find a variety of restaurant uniform separates, including custom shirts and pants to aprons and hats. You can go with uniform shirts employees can pair with their own pants, or create complete custom restaurant uniforms for casual pizza places to sophisticated French bistros.

    There are restaurant uniforms made from a variety of fabrics. Some of our uniform shirts, for example, are made with breathable cotton, while other custom logo shirts come in high-performance blends that help keep you dry and collected as you keep up with a steady stream of guests.

    To create professional restaurant uniforms, just pick your favorite shirts, pants and other pieces; send us your logo, and we’ll do the rest. And be assured there are sizes to fit every body so it’s easy to shop for your custom restaurant uniform program.
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  • Men's Short Sleeve Button Down Oxford Shirt Hospitality Industry Hospitality Industry Uniforms & Hotel Staff Uniforms
    Men's Short Sleeve Button Down Oxford Shirt Hospitality Industry Hotel Front Desk Staff Uniforms, Hotel Housekeeping Uniforms & Hotel Maintenance Staff Uniforms When you're coordinating hospitality industry uniforms for your employees, turn to our collection of separates for hotel concierge uniforms and other positions. Your hotel staff uniforms can begin with our classic Oxford or polo style hotel uniform shirts.

    We make hospitality industry uniforms from the best fabrics, which are skillfully tailored for a polished look. Our hotel staff uniform collection includes separates for hotel concierge uniforms, hotel maintenance uniforms and hotel housekeeping uniforms.

    Comfortable hospitality industry uniforms, our hotel concierge uniforms and other hotel employee uniforms are breathable and provide plenty of give for excellent ease of movement. Our hotel staff uniforms are also easy care and made to last.

    From our collection of hospitality industry uniform separates, you can add a new shirt or pair of pants to freshen up the look for your hotel concierge uniforms. You can also create hotel staff uniforms that are entirely new for an updated makeover to your hotel uniform program.
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  • Men's Crew Sweatshirt Service Industry Service Industry Uniforms & Skilled Trades Uniforms
    Men's Crew Sweatshirt Service Industry Construction Workers Uniforms, Contractors Uniforms & Transportation Worker Uniforms See More
  • Carhartt Unisex Regular Workwear Pocket Short Sleeve T-Shirt Grocery Store Grocery Store Uniforms, Supermarket Employee Uniforms
    Carhartt Unisex Regular Workwear Pocket Short Sleeve T-Shirt Grocery Store Grocery Store Logo Uniforms, Custom Supermarket Employee Uniforms, Retail Store Uniforms, Custom Logo Uniforms, Business Uniforms Ultra-soft grocery store uniform separates are made to work hard right along with your employees. These supermarket employee uniforms are made with high-performance fabrics that will resist shrinking, so our retail store uniforms will boost your brand for many wears to come.

    Flexible but durable, our grocery store uniform pants and shirts will stand up to the rigors of regular wear. In our supermarket employee uniforms, they can bend, stretch, kneel and climb as needed because they’ll get ease of movement in our retail store uniform separates.

    Flattering grocery store uniform shirts can be worn alone or layered under cardigans or blazers for an elevated look in retail store uniforms. Choose the casual shirts for supermarket employee uniforms, and they’ll feel comfortable and look professional.

    These grocery store uniforms will maintain their vibrant colors and repel all the things that make lesser retail store uniforms look old and worn. Long-lasting supermarket employee uniforms will also maintain their shape and size to keep uniform replacement costs down.
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  • Carhartt Unisex Regular Workwear Pocket Short Sleeve T-Shirt Convenience Store
  • Women's Traditional No Iron Dress Shirt Property Management
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Stock up on restaurant uniforms and uniforms for other industries from our selection of colors, sizes and styles for the perfect custom uniforms for your team members.

Find silky-soft button downs or high-performance polo shirts when you want restaurant and other industry uniforms that repel stains and resist wrinkling, fading and pilling. These restaurant uniforms and other uniforms for other industries will look clean cut when you pull them from the dryer with little to no ironing needed. Our service and other industry uniforms are simple and straightforward styles in lightweight fabrics that will keep your crew members cool and comfortable. You’ll even find construction worker uniforms like our overalls and coveralls with features for both function and form.

Our restaurant uniforms come in a large selection of styles, colors and sizes. From fine dining servers to fast casual line cooks, you’ll find the custom uniform shirts to make your employees look like a unified team. Pair these shirts with custom uniform pants for head-to-toe comfort and performance. You’ll love our hospitality industry uniforms for hotel staff members too.

Skilled trade uniforms are ideal for electricians, plumbers, transportation workers and other employees that work outside. These construction worker uniforms are tough enough to handle the rigors of daily wear. Your team members can climb, crouch, reach and kneel with ease in many of our custom uniform pants that have comfortable elastic waistbands. Our durable coverall styles are perfect for transportation department uniforms because they resist snags and abrasion, have reinforced knees and lower back legs and provide increased visibility with reflective trim.

Add dependable restaurant uniforms and ones for other industries when you want custom uniform shirts and pants that will wash well and come out of the dryer ready to wear. Our hospitality and other industry uniforms have easy-care features that mean these uniforms will be ready for the very next shift. Our service industry uniforms, construction worker uniforms and skilled trade uniforms provide all the same high-performance features, but with increased strength and durability for outdoor manual work. Inside work and out, you can count on custom uniform jackets, coats, pants and shirts to be your best business partners.
Products 1 - 12 of 619