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Affordable restaurant host uniform shirts with your logo, like our high-performance button down uniform shirts, will stand up to the rigors of daily wear. These men's restaurant uniform shirts are made with high-quality fabrics that stay looking neat and tidy from the time your team members clock in until they clock out. Whether employees wear our custom embroidered shirts on their own or paired with accessories or custom logo sweaters, they’ll be instantly recognizable to your customers. Choose these collared uniform shirts that will help your employees make an excellent first impression.

These high-quality restaurant host uniform shirts are constructed with fabrics that repel stains and resist wrinkling, fading, shrinking and pilling. The men's restaurant uniform shirts are also machine washable and come out of the dryer with little to no ironing needed. Stock up on our custom embroidered shirts that will always be ready for the next shift. Your employees will love our collared uniform shirts for the easy wear and even easier care.

Shop our selection of restaurant host uniform shirts, dress pants and accessories. Pair these men's restaurant uniform shirts with any of our other custom merchandise for head-to-toe brand boosting.

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These quality restaurant host uniform shirts look ideal topped off with our ties for extra polish on the job.

When casual restaurant host uniform shirts just won’t cut it in your fine dining restaurant, try our more tailored button down uniform shirts. These button down men's restaurant uniform shirts come in exact neck and sleeve lengths that will make these uniform shirts look like they’ve been professionally tailored. Our custom embroidered shirts feature details for neatness and they’re durable, too. In our collared uniform shirts, your employees will make an excellent first impression on everyone who walks through the front door.

Our restaurant host uniform shirts are perfect for your casual dining establishment. Even our men's restaurant uniform shirts will provide casual, easy wear without sacrificing a professional appearance. Adding these custom embroidered shirts to your uniform program also means you’ll have to order replacements less often because they’re designed with strong, durable fabrics. All of our collared uniform shirts will wash and wear nicely for many years to come, too – and require little to no ironing.

Let us expertly embroider these restaurant host uniform shirts with your company emblem. With our restaurant men's restaurant uniform shirts, you’ll love the way your emblem looks against the silky-smooth fabrics. We’ll apply logos to these custom embroidered shirts in your choice of over 300 thread colors. In our collared uniform shirts, your employees will look and feel ready to get the job done.

Choose these restaurant host uniform shirts for your employees when you want to maintain a casual and fun atmosphere. Or select more formal men's restaurant uniform shirts for fine dining establishments where your employees need to look more polished. These custom embroidered shirts will look extra professional when paired with our custom accessories like scarves and ties. Our long-lasting collared uniform shirts won’t disappoint when it comes to style, comfort and durability.
Products 25 - 36 of 49