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Layering is easy with our work uniform jackets that are versatile enough to keep you warm every season. We have uniform jackets for wet weather in the spring and cool fall days. We also have uniform coats and jackets for when the temperatures dip below freezing. For the super-cold days, layer custom parkas over uniform vests and have a classic professional look for employees who work outdoors.

Our work uniform jackets start with the best materials, whether it’s a fleece lining or a nylon shell that resists water. That makes our uniform jackets favorites because they hold up to the weather as team members work in the field, whether fixing an AC unit in the rain or loading a truck for deliveries in the winter. Our uniform coats and jackets also include all the details you love, like pockets that zip up to securely hold important items and material that is anti-pilling for outerwear that looks new day after day. And don’t forget uniform vests for that extra layer of warmth during winter or wear them solo during fall days.

Creating work uniform jackets with your logo is easy – just send us your design, and we’ll do the rest. These uniform jackets will coordinate with our other custom work uniform separates so you can create a polished, professional look for your team year-round. The uniform coats and jackets also help boost your brand because team members are sure to wear these comfy embroidered uniform separates more places than work. The uniform vests, custom parkas, and other separates are that comfortable!

Our work uniform jackets and coats are made for Wisconsin, ready for anywhere. We rate our uniform jackets so you know these outerwear separates will keep you warm when temperatures drop below zero, or they won’t keep you overly warm when you have mild winters in the 40s. Look for uniform coats and jackets with hoods for extra protection as the snow starts to fly. And always have our uniform vests ready for fall days or as a layer under your custom parkas.

You’ll find the right uniform jackets and coats for a unified work look even in the cold months. The uniform jackets are made of the best materials and with details that employees love.

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  • Women's Custom Embroidered Classic Squall Jacket Jackets Uniform Jackets & Business Logo Jackets
    Women's Custom Embroidered Classic Squall Jacket Jackets Work Uniform Jackets, Custom Fleece Jackets & Custom Logo Jackets Endlessly wearable, these uniform jackets are essentials for employees who work outdoors as the temperatures begin to drop. We have a variety of work uniform jackets, including custom fleece jackets that never pill so they look good day after day.

    Our uniform jackets will layer with the rest of your custom logo apparel to create a unified look that boosts your brand. To create work uniform jackets with your company logo, just send us your design, and we’ll send you the best custom fleece jackets and other styles.
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  • Men's Custom Embroidered Outrigger Parka Parkas Custom Parkas & Custom Jackets
    Men's Custom Embroidered Outrigger Parka Parkas Customized Parkas, Customized Jackets & Uniform Jackets You’ll find custom parkas to layer effortlessly with the rest of your custom work uniforms. These customized parks and other custom jackets keep employees warm without bulkiness for active jobs.

    We make these custom parkas from the best high-tech materials to keep the cold at bay. To create the customized parkas, just send us your logo, and we’ll send you the best custom jackets.
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Keep them warm in any season with these work uniform jackets, vests, and parkas.

With our work uniform jackets, vests, and parkas, it’s easy to be ready for work in all seasons. We have uniform jackets for spring showers and cool fall days. And our uniform coats and jackets include ones ready for temperatures that dip below freezing. Whether you choose uniform vests or coats, you can get them embroidered with your company logo and in colors that complement the rest of your custom uniforms.

Our work uniform jackets include ones that are water-resistant and warm year-round. The uniform rain jackets can feature water-repellent nylon shells, breathable linings, and hoods to keep you dry as you work outside. We even have rain jackets that are favorite uniform coats for cooler days, too. Just look at the work uniform jackets for their temperature ratings to ensure they’re a good fit for your cold days working outside.

Other work uniform jackets include classic fleece coats that have a windproof and water-resistant layer for maximum comfort during cold days working outside. These uniform jackets have all the features you love, down to zippered pockets so employees can keep their possessions secure. Like many of our other uniform coats and jackets, these fleece jackets are also machine washable for ease of care. Layer them with uniform vests, too, for when it’s really cold outside.

For the dead of winter, choose our custom parkas like our Classic Squall® coats that withstand the elements with water-resistant and windproof nylon shells and fleece-lined storm guards. The work uniform jackets are made with high performance fleece that resists pilling and static for a fresh look every day. Pick these uniform coats or our other jackets, send us your logo, and we’ll do the rest.

The work uniform jackets are made lightweight for ease of layering – and movement. So you can start with shirts and sweaters, and layer uniform vests, and add custom parkas for icy days where you still have to work outdoors. The best part is with a unified look, from shirts to uniform coats and jackets, you’ll boost your brand as employees interact with the public. And because our uniform jackets, vests, and other outerwear is affordable, everyone will be happy.
Products 1 - 12 of 49