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The image is divided into two: the left side taking up three-quarters of the image. The left side shows a canvas tote bag being spilled out, showing various contents such as a towel, a notebook, a planner, and a water bottle. The right side shows the same image, but is zoomed in on the custom company logos that have been applied to the products.

Here's Why Promotional Items are Such a Hit

When you go to a conference, trade show, or convention, one of the best parts about networking are the goodie bags of promotional items that you get from different businesses. These freebies aren't just fun surprises, but they are also useful in a variety of ways. Maybe you keep some of these items for yourself or go on to hand these items over to coworkers, friends, and family. Knowing how well these small, useful items can meet your daily needs, it's a wise idea to give out promotional items of your own whenever you have a networking opportunity. If you're planning to represent your company at an upcoming event where you're going to meet new faces, promotional items are always great to have on hand. Here's why they are such a hit!

They Go Places You Won't Expect

When you distribute a promotional item like a pair of Melodia Stereo Earbuds that can be used by practically anyone, they could end up in some surprising places. This vast marketing reach can promote your company's name in places you would not anticipate, like your local library, favorite coffee shop, child's school, college campuses, friend's houses, and more. When it is an item like a custom company pen or mug that is used frequently, your logo will be on top of mind multiple times of the day or week. If you want an item with a far reach, give out promo items that are known to be useful in daily life.

They Can Last a Long Time

Custom company notepads, pens, water bottles, and a coffee mug can last for years, allowing for a good return on your marketing investment for the number of impressions they will make for the duration of their use. To ensure you're getting the most reach, select items that are commonly taken out and used in public, like tote bags for grocery shopping, stylus pens for tablets and note pads, or phone chargers. Choose high-quality products, as items that have value are more likely to be appreciated and reused.

They Will Reach More People

Picture this: The project manager from another company picked up one of your logo branded bags at an expo, but when he got home, his teenager immediately took the wireless charger and notebook for personal use. The notebook might make it to school, get left behind, and picked up by a teacher for safekeeping—another person who will view your company's logo.

The same goes for pens branded with your company's logo. Someone may sign a restaurant bill with your company pen and accidentally leave it behind in a rush. The server then takes this pen and uses it for the rest of the night for other patrons' bills—another chance for others to see your company's branding. When items are valuable to everyone, they can appeal to anyone and infiltrate unexpected places—which is great for your company!

They Make You Look Good

High-quality screen-printed products, like the Zebra Sarasa Gel Pen look good and reflect your business. Getting high-quality screen prints that have lasting colors and effects will ensure your logo doesn't chip off or fade easily. It is a good idea to invest in this extra level of quality so that when someone encounters your promotional item, they will have a positive impression of your organization. If you cut corners with poorly made promo items, the recipient won't feel as valued or believe your company has much to offer. This may be the only impression they get of you, so make your promo items good to start a relationship of trust and reliability.

They Create Company Cohesion

When it comes to your company's image, every detail matters. Imagine handing a discount hotel pen to a future business partner to collect some signatures. While it's better than nothing, the impression that the person receives using a generic or differently branded pen is not as good as when they use a Twist Action Metal Pen with your logo. When you customize office supplies with your business logo, everyone in your operations can use branded materials to establish your company's mark in the office space. These premium items also work well as takeaway gifts for guests, business partners, and other valuable contacts with whom you want to stay on top of mind.

Where your promotional items ultimately end up can be a surprise, but you can create some high-quality promotional items to ensure a great first impression. Take your business further with the best promotional items that serve practical, daily needs for both existing and potential clients.

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