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Why Corporate Apparel Is Good For Business

More than ever before, our culture thrives on individuality and self-expression. As a result, the way a person dresses is not a mistake. Rather, it is a strong communicator of who they are, what they value, how they identify, what cultural attributes they prescribe to, and more.

The same idea rings true for your business. The image of your workplace, from the front door to the packaging customers walk out with, communicates the brand of your company. Undoubtedly, you’ve spent time designing your marketing and advertising to create a certain image for your business. Are you applying this same care and consideration to the clothing your staff wears? There is good reason that you should be. Corporate apparel is more than uniforms or spirit wear. Custom company work apparel is a strategic business move. Consider the following.

Corporate apparel defines company culture

When employees are wearing branded material – whether it’s a full uniform or a logo embroidered work polo shirt – they are representing and projecting a specific image of your business. Do you want your staff, from executives to sales associates, to look professional and established? Or maybe you want these things, but with a little flair of personality, say, with neon colors or cutesy embroidery. Whatever your desired image, corporate apparel can help you convey it.

Why would you do this? Consider branded clothing as a visual way to communicate to your staff and consumers who you are as a company – be it fun-loving and quirky or traditional and sleek. No matter your design, companies that provide corporate apparel appear more cohesive and team-oriented. Consumers are more likely to view you as a well-established company that functions as one unit and is ready and able to help and serve. Additionally, customers can easily identify staff who are wearing corporate apparel, making them more apt to initiate conversation that can turn into profit for your business.

Corporate apparel increases brand awareness

Providing staff with a cozy, comfortable zip-up they want to wear in and out of the office is an instant branding opportunity. The same goes for tee-shirts, hats, polos, or anything else of high quality that you put your branding on and offer to your staff. If you provide employees with comfy clothing, they’ll want to wear it on a regular basis. This means that your brand is no longer confined to paid advertising set up by your marketing team. Instead, your brand is proudly displayed on the clothing items your staff wears to the grocery store, park, community events, even on vacations. With corporate apparel, your brand is seen by thousands more people. All the while, your staff is enjoying a well-made, extremely comfortable piece of clothing they can’t help but wear again and again. We don’t mean to state the obvious, but happy employees plus increased brand awareness is good for business.

Corporate apparel provides comfort to staff

Dress codes can be difficult to follow by either being too restrictive or too vague. Corporate apparel provides readily available, oftentimes gender-neutral options of appropriate clothing you’re proud to have your staff wear. Ease your employees’ minds by providing them with clothing that's both comfortable and representative of your brand's values. You might be surprised to learn that corporate apparel is usually viewed by employees as more casual than normal office attire, even if it aligns with your traditional office dress code. Plus, when you provide clothing options from a reputable comfort-first and quality-focused company, employees will feel invested in and see corporate apparel as a perk.

To be sure, participating in corporate apparel is a strategic and financial investment. It is also good for business. So go ahead, get your staff in matching polos or provide them the option to buy a cozy, custom company work sweater with your logo embroidered on the sleeve. You’ll be boosting morale and business in no time.

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