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Tips on Providing Company Perks for Employees

Many things go into running a successful company. It isn’t enough to have a superior product or a service, a killer marketing strategy, or a super-efficient management system. If you want a company that thrives and stays in business for many years, a good CEO or corporate manager must try to create an environment where employees can thrive. And how do employees thrive? By being encouraged and feeling appreciated. Strong company morale is the crux of a successful, flourishing company.

One solid way to encourage employees and keep them motivated is by providing them with company perks. If you are looking for fresh new ways to do that, here are some tried-and-true company perks and promotional products that your employees will love.


You can reward your employees for their efforts and achievements by giving them experiences. Have an employee appreciation day with an afternoon at the golf course or on the lake. Other ideas include a wellness day at the spa, a day at a local winery, or something totally novel and adventurous. Celebrate your achievements together, and create a memorable occasion your employees will never forget and, more importantly, will look forward to when it happens again. Creating experiences outside of work is an excellent way to strengthen the relationships you have with your employees and the ones they have with each other. They will feel valued not just as your employees, but also as people.

Spontaneous Gifts

Who doesn’t appreciate a thoughtful gift for employees? Especially an employee who has contributed enormously to the productivity and growth of your company? Keep things interesting, fun, and spontaneous by occasionally surprising your employees with gifts. It could be something tangible like a custom logo work tote, or something like tickets to the local hockey game or symphony. Of course, there are times of the year when employees might anticipate company gifts, such as during the holiday season or on the employee’s birthday.

Include a Wellness Program

If most of your employees work in an office setting, then they are spending the bulk of their time living a sedentary lifestyle. To improve productivity in the workplace and provide a way for your employees to optimize their health and fitness, create a wellness program within your company. You can get as creative as you please. Organize fun after-work sports leagues, provide yoga classes or cardio kickboxing classes, and offer mental health and counseling resources. Some companies even have an in-house massage therapist! In addition to plenty of wellness options for your employees to take advantage of during and after the workday, emphasize clean eating. Consider stocking up the office break room or kitchen with lots of healthful snacks, drinks, and herbal teas.

Catered Lunches

If it’s within your budget, consider providing free catered lunches to your employees. Even if it’s not something you can swing on a daily basis, you could designate every Friday as the catered lunch day. Employees will appreciate and look forward to a delicious, thoughtfully made meal. It will save them an enormous amount of time and money, whether they usually pack lunch or rack up a bill going out to eat on their lunch break. Having these catered lunches is yet another way to boost company morale and create a space for employees to connect with each other over the lunch hour. It’s amazing how something as simple yet thoughtful as a hot meal will pay off in spades over the long run.

Complimentary Beverages

You don’t have to go all-out with a catered lunch every day to show your employees some love. Even something simple—such as free coffee, tea, soft drinks, and healthful beverages—could be enough to boost company morale. Set up a little drink station in the kitchen with high-quality coffees, an assortment of delicious teas, infused waters, and other unique drinks. It could be just the pick-me-up your employees need when that 3 p.m. slump comes around. Take it a step further, and supply your employees with their own custom company mugs or portable drink cups that they can use throughout the day. This will cut down on waste and plastic, and give your employees something of their own. Another fun thing to consider is having a happy hour in the office every Friday at 5 p.m., complete with wine, beer, and cocktails.

You could implement any of these examples or research additional ways to provide your employees with company perks. There’s no one way to do it. Find the perks that you know your employees will appreciate and include them in your day-to-day operations.

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